Episteme Soft is one of the fastest growing product development company offering cutting edge solutions and services to global enterprises.Our solutions empowers Internet of everything (IOT), embedded, wired and wireless technology software services that ensure quality delivery on time and every time.

We specialise in LAN/WAN networking and digital TV Embedded Linux applications. Previous projects have included work on customising the Linux kernel, writing userspace applications to implement new network protocols, implementing network device drivers, enhancing Linux core subsystems, and implementing drivers for digital TV system-on-a-chip (SoC).

We design and implement embedded software components to your specifications.

We work with hardware and chip manufacturers to implement Linux device drivers for their devices.

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About Us

Episteme Soft Pvt Limited was founded by veterans of Cisco Systems and Juniper Networks. We are based in Hyderabad, India and setting up new R&D centre in Bangalore, India.

Episteme Soft provides software consultancy, development and outsourcing services for Embedded Linux.

With many years of experience working with embedded systems and Linux, we provide sought-after expertise in these fields. Our aim is to help each and every one of our clients to develop better, reliable embedded systems more quickly. In short, we cater the needs for your embedded software development.

If you're looking for help or advice with using Embedded Linux or you'd like to outsource some development, you've come to the right place.

We cover all aspects of Embedded Linux software development, including bootrom and board bring-up, Board Support Package (BSP), kernel device drivers userspace applications and root filesystem construction.

We provide advice and assistance to help you with your Embedded Linux projects. In particular, if you know you'd like to switch to Embedded Linux but don't know how or you need help evaluating its suitability for your product, we help to show you the way.

We have contributed several device drivers and patches to the mainline Linux kernel and other open source software.

With several years experience in commercial RTOS (VxWorks / Nucleus / Integrity), we can help you port legacy RTOS applications to Embedded Linux. We see companies make several common mistakes when moving to Embedded Linux so we are ideally placed to help you migrate.

Please contact Episteme Soft to find out more about our fixed price or hourly contract terms. For more information, please contact info@epistemesoft.com.


Our Solutions are highly innovative, challenging, and are new technology development to the data center-class industry. All the work revolves around Linux/networking/storage/system technologies. Our teams do very distinctive work and all are derived from the ideas of technology veterans, who have lot of years of Industry experience spanning Distributed systems, storage networking, clustering, Operating systems, virtualization and Linux.

We Provide industry leading solution for enterprise mobility via our virtual private network, network access control and mobile security software. We enforce single policy for ipad, iphone, laptop and desktop uses, so that all BYOD workers will seamlessly connect to enterprise network. We also make sure cloud based security among all BYOD users in the enterprise so that we protect corporate information.

Our Solutions focus on delivering network services as software, including firewall/VPN, NAC, SDN, and load balancers with SSL on to the devices that are manageable in the cloud.

Manage all kinds of devices

  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Desktops
  • Laptops
  • Servers


We make a business out of selling our skills and expertise in Embedded Linux to a wide range of clients. We undertake a variety of projects, such as

Feasibility Studies. Working with clients to evaluate the suitability of Embedded Linux for particular projects. Not all embedded systems are suited to Embedded Linux, but finding out the pros and cons of using Embedded Linux for your particular project can be daunting without access to people with direct experience.

Embedded Linux software development. Designing, implementing and testing kernel device drivers and userspace applications for Embedded Linux. Our software engineers have a wealth of experience in all aspects of Embedded Linux software development.

Troubleshooting. Helping clients with specific issues during project development where in-depth knowledge of Linux internals is not available in-house.

Moving from RTOS to Embedded Linux. Helping clients migrate from proprietary RTOS development to Embedded Linux.

Our clients include several multinational corporations, where we consult on the use of Linux in their embedded products, or help to develop specific products. Previous projects include networking equipment, marine GPS systems and Digital TV STBs. We also develop implementations of IETF network protocols and network protocol accelerators.

For more information about our services, please see our company brochure or contact us at info@epistemesoft.com.

  • Development

    Stack development for Embedded Linux has been our core strength for years. Our team has experience in integration of open source software for Embedded Linux. We provide the expertise required in planning, building and delivering overall Embedded Linux solutions. We develop stacks as well as we use open source to provide high quality, lesser time to market and high ROI.

  • Support

    We provide complete support for all phases of system software development with client server models on networking stacks.

    We make it our priority to ensure a smooth transition during your software implementation process with our qualified and experienced team.

  • Consulting

    Episteme Soft provides software consultancy, development and outsourcing services for Embedded Linux.

    We always welcome to our worldwide consultant to hire team or individuals from Episteme Soft according to their work needs with very cost effective manner.

  • Training

    Our rich experienced Directors and faculty members train the students to the core and our embedded labs will give you the best development environment which simulates to MNC's. Embedded trainees at EPISTEME are provided an opportunity to be involved in development of products, thus equipping them with the practical aspects of development


We are hiring. We are looking for talented software engineers with experience of Embedded Linux. Candidates must have experience in more than one of the following: Linux device drivers, V4L, Linux networking, Linux filesystems, real-time POSIX, TCP/IP, Buildroot, OpenEmbedded, Busybox, UClibc. Ideally, the candidate should also have knowledge of open source development processes such as patch generation and git. Exposure to Digital TV or IP Networking would also be a plus.

Successful candidates must be able to work at home and be able to travel when projects require it.

For more information, please e-mail careers @epistemesoft.com

Episteme Soft is an Equal Opportunities employer.

  • B.Tech or B.E fresher with Electronics as major scored 70% above. Requires good understanding of C [...]

  • B.Tech or B.E fresher with Computer science as major scored 70% above. Requires good understanding of C [...]

  • B.Tech,B.E or MCA fresher with Computer science, as major scored 70% above. Requires good understanding of C [...]


We help in minimizing the cost and having being deployed by 100s of companies around the world shows the strength of our team.

With the fast growth of Internet as a medium of communication more and more corporation are automating their various aspect of the business application. We provide scalable, maintainable, secure and cost effective solution to the requirement of our customers. We guarantee interoperability includes providing API interface to stack modules through the state of the art technologies right from system analysis, design implementation to maintenance. We use the component-based architecture whereby individual component plugs in the application. This reduces the time-to-market considerably and reduces the risks.

We are committed to delivering confidence through our stack software solutions. To accomplish this, we use the latest technologies, processes, paradigms, development tools, and design approaches.

The following are the best services we provide:

  • Highly quality stack development
  • In-depth testing
  • Access to the latest technologies and skills
  • Comprehensive one-stop solutions
  • Upgrades for existing products
  • Migration to the latest platforms

Our development offering includes:

  • Offshore validation services for embedded linux and TCP/IP Protocol domain.
  • Offshore development of SNMP,CLI,GUI as well as Protocols for embedded products.
  • Interoperability testing with other products.


We help companies meet the challenge of providing excellent technical support, with services designed to rapidly diagnose and solve customer's problems. As a result, end users enjoy responsive service, while our clients benefit from higher customer satisfaction and lower technical support costs.

We have expertise in

  • Systems Analysis - We can analyze existing systems or gather your specifications for a new system. We create a functional specifications using the latest tools and create full system prototypes so you see exactly what you are getting.
  • Systems Design - We apply proven principles of design and normalization to create robust data structures and complete system design specifications for your entire application. We are expert at creating protocol stacks using latest technology and mapping the data sources to the application needs. We also have experts for creating distributed systems using the latest technologies.
  • System Implementation - We provides complete project management and coordination for your systems implementation phase including coding, testing de-bugging, infrastructure creation.
  • Protocol Testing - We have expert developers who can write any system from simple to complex using proven coding techniques. All our developers are expert in their fields and provide one of the best price/productivity ratios of any system software development service.
  • Software Development - Companies know that their competitive advantage from custom software systems, and our staff of certified software developers can assist you in creating custom applications, that you need to develop your system with a focus on fast delivery, high-performance, high-quality and low cost.

We offers turnkey 24x7 technical support services, or to supplements a client's internal support staff, acting as an extension of the support team to provide after hours support or select hours support.


We have many pricing option for companies or individual consultants based on Hourly/Weekly/Monthly/Annual or custom.

We have the expertise to help you successfully implement your software, tightly integrate it into your operations, and optimize your end-to-end design processes to help you maximize the return on your investment. We provide a proven structure and experience to deliver cost efficient quality solutions on time.

We provide resources and expertise to steer your organization through all the phases of your deployment, including strategizing your project, implementing the solutions and managing the successful progress of the project. We follow the principle of investing adequate resources and time into each of our client to ensure that they succeed and in turn we are successful. We plan, build and manage the entire software development lifecycle building software that executes your needs efficiently.

We specialize in supporting complex software products, which have been customized and integrated with a variety of other systems. We leverage our unique knowledge based support technology, employing rules based systems and intelligent engineers, to enable our technical support consultants to quickly and reliably find accurate solutions to complex problems.

We have simulation experts to provide you with turnkey solution consulting services from concept stage to final deployment.


The way we look the coaching in Episteme Soft is entirely different, it is the environment that we provide, the real time training we do, the real time exposure we give, the solid foundation in embedded systems that we give, you may not be recognized the value of our training now, but you will see it in your near future career once you settle down in a good company. We train the guys in such a way that they should get the job as early as possible and also we look for the Episteme Soft trained people sustain in any company situations and prove the management that they are the worth of the company not the waste resource of the company.

We don't like bluffing of getting companies who pays below average and placing just 1% of the total batch, instead we make sure every one of the batch should get confidence to go and face any kind of interview without fear and stood as topper in any kind of company interview. The companies we get are for the guys that are below average guys and we look forward the top talent of Episteme Soft to be settled down by themselves in great companies and get the name and fame for Episteme quality.

The only thing you need to do as a student of Episteme Soft is to follow and respect our training by attending with 100% presence to Episteme Soft lab and theory classes.

  • Embedded Systems training

    "Embedded systems are the devices used to control, monitor or assist the operation of equipment, machinery or plant. "Embedded" reflects the fact that they are an integral part of the system". In many cases, their "embedded ness" may be such that their presence is far from obvious to the casual observer.

  • Java ME Embedded Training

    The Java Embedded Training is designed to prepare graduates to design and develop java applications on embedded devices with Java SE Embedded and Java ME Embedded development SDK using a variety of programming languages such as C, C++ and Java, on the Linux ...

  • YEP Projects & Internships

    Episteme's YEP is an assisted learning to help young engineering graduates to get better at what they do professionally and to bridge the gap between engineering education and industry . We accomplish this by organizing workshops, mini and major projects and internships...

  • Short_Term Training

    Our rich experienced Directors and faculty members train the students to the core and our embedded labs will give you the best development environment which simulates to MNC's. Embedded trainees at EPISTEME are provided an opportunity to be involved in development of products...

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  • Embedded Systems training



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(iii) enum {Gambhir,Smith=-5,Sehwag}c;
(iv) enum c {Gambhir,Smith,Sehw


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