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Embedded Systems Training      Share Point 2013 Training

This course offers 24-Week Advanced Course in Embedded Systems. This course is designed to offer application oriented training & real time exposure to students.

Embedded systems serves the interests of practicing embedded software engineers as well as engineers who are planning to enter the embedded field.

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  • This course starts with Share point 2013 Fundamentals, History of SharePoint products and business value add of the platform in Share Point 2013 etc.

  • This Share Point 2013 course also covers for developers, administrators and SharePoint programmers who are interested in Data Management, installation of SharePoint with powershell etc.
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Industry Expert WorkShop

Hadoop Big Data Training

This Course provides basics of Hadoop as well as hands-on experience for developers with Hadoop programming on MapReduce and algorithm of distributed computing Hive and Pig with Hadoop application development.

This course also provides administrators with in-depth on Hadoop technology, deployment, advanced management, troubleshooting hadoop in Enterprise environments.
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About Episteme Soft              Why choose us

Our rich experienced Directors and faculty members train the students to the core and our embedded labs will give you the best development environment which simulates to MNC's.
Embedded trainees at EPISTEME are provided an opportunity to be involved in development of products, thus equipping them with the practical aspects of development
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  • Epistemesoft brings focused application oriented training on embedded systems.
  • Best skilled personnel requirement.
  • Placement assistance based on performance
  • We boost up your confidence to face the real outside world by arranging mockup interviews.
  • We have the best lab engineers to provide assistance anytime throughout the course.
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Episteme Soft Placements

Embedded Article+

Command line arguments in C
main(int argc, char *argv[]) The first (conventionally called argc, for argument count) is the numb
Explain about increment operator on a pointer?
1. X=*ptr++; 2. X=*++ptr; 3. x=++*ptr; 1. X = *ptr++ Suppose ptr is an integer pointer and x i
How do I learn Embedded Systems Programming?
Hello everyone, I keep thinking about people that are being very interested in the embedded system
Linux and Device Driver Code
Guys, If any one want to look at Linux and Device Driver Code as an HTML pages, it is there in the
How do I learn Embedded Systems Programming?
Hello everyone, I keep thinking about people that are being very interested in the embedded syst
What is Porting:
If the target application is currently running on a Big Endian platform and the goal is to port to a
Linux kernel logging
1. To generate Linux kernel logging messages, invoke the following function: int printk(const ch
If Speed vs memory use inline code in C
The replacement of a function call by a copy of the code of the function can be an effective optimiz
Pre-increment or post-increment in C
Most C programmers are completely clear about the behavior of the ++ operator [and --] and the resu
Allocating array storage in C
Standard C provides two memory allocation functions, malloc and calloc, and one deallocation functio
Interesting Programs:
Intersting Programs: 1) Write a C program that won't execute in C++ ? //#include #in
PThread (Part-3)
User-level and Kernel-level Threads : There are two kind of models of thread controls, and they
Pthreads ( Part -2 ) :
Per process items: ----------------------------- Address space G
Part – 1: A Thread is a single sequence stream within a process. Within a process, threads allow
C Pointer to Pointer, Pointer to Functions, Array of Pointers
In this article, we will try to develop understanding of some of the relatively complex concepts
OS lockings
Race condition: The race conditions occurs, when various processes to use the same resource at once
Function pointer
Function pointer: A function pointer (or subroutine pointer or procedure pointer) is a type of p
C – Pointers
C Pointer is a variable that stores/points the address of the another variable. C Pointer
C – Arrays
C Array is a collection of variables belongings to the same data type. You can store group of da
For loop using in C:
For loop using in C: To run a piece / part of code for multiple times in the program we need t
C – Storage Class Specifiers
C – Storage Class Specifiers: Storage class specifiers in C language tells the compiler wher
C – Case control statements:
C – Case control statements: The statements which are used to execute only specific block of stat
Diffrence between if-else and switch
Difference between if-else and switch : We all know about how to use if-else and switch case stat
Function-like Macros
Macros are preprocessor instructions which are processed by preprocessor tool at compile-time. B
Embedded product development stages
Board bring-up: bring-up is the process of validating, both electrically and functionally, a new cir
Why do we need Indentation of Code
Structured indentation makes software easier to read, thereby reducing the possibility of coding err
variable naming
uc unsigned char ucByteVariable sc signed char scByteVariable ucbf (unsigned char) bit field ucbfF
Why to maintain coding standards in a Company
Coding standards consists of a set of rules that addresses weaknesses in the language and also defin
Hard coded numbers
Do not use hard coded numbers directly in expressions. Maintainability becomes a tidious task when t
Naming of variables and functions
Extreame care need to be taken while naming the variables and functions, such that each name reflect
What is a segmentation fault?
Segmentation fault is caused by a bug in the application. Technically it means that an application t
Predefined Macros for program crash debugging
The preprocessor defines some constants automatically, as if they had been defined using #define dir
How to debug with GDB
How to debug with GDB ----------------------------- In this post I will execute some gdb commands
volatile variable
volatile variable: ------------------- volatile is a keyword known as a qualifier, it is usually
Increment and Decrements macros
Increment and Decrements macros: -------------------------------------- #define INC(x) x++ #def
Embedded careers
career paths in Embedded Systems: In general any product development company will have to develop h
The #ifdef / #else / #endif Directives
There are several directives that can be used to effect conditional compilation. Most often, conditi
ARM Implementation:
ARM Cortex-M3 is based on the latest ARM7v ARM embedded core architecture, which uses Harvard archit

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  • The way of guiding EpistemeSoft team,the weekend exams and mock interviews conducted by EpistemeSoft are helped me to crack the interview confidently.


  • They are very Professional and trust worthy faculties & have Very good capability to support on all IT fronts, I would happily recommend EXPERT to other organizations

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  • I had followed the high standard material given by the EpistemeSoft. I had attended every weekend exam, which enriched my knowledge.


  • The place where i work out everyday......and i like it!!!!

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