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Become an experienced working instead of just trained professional in Embedded systems with short term courses

Pthread programming

  • Why Thread
  • Designing Thread Programming
  • Synchronizing Pthread
  • Managing Threads
  • Pthreads and UNIX
  • Practical consideration

Project on pthread programming

Switching Protocols

  • Introduction to TCP/IP PROTOCOLS
  • Switches and switching concepts
  • VLAN concepts
  • PPP Protocols
  • HDLC protocols
  • Frame relay protocol
  • MPLS protocols
  • VOIP protocols

Project on switching protocols

Routing Protocols

  • Introduction to TCP/IP protocols
  • Detailed study of TCP/IP protocols of ARP and RARP, ICMP/IGMP and DNS
  • Concepts of Routers and routing protocols
  • Basics of routers and types of routers
  • Types of routing static, dynamic and default
  • Functions of various routing protocols RIP, OSPF, IGRP
  • Basics of Access lists
  • BSD software architecture
  • IP Packet handling in BSD Kernel

Project on Routing protocols

Multicore Programming

  • Introduction
  • Multi-core processor architectures and terminology
  • Multi-threading on multi-core processors
  • Parallel programming using multi-threading
  • Multi-core applications and complexities

Project on multicore programming

Embedded OS Programming

  • RTOS RT-Linux
  • ARM
  • MIPS
  • Embedded ASICs
  • Shell programming

Project on Embedded OS Programming

Linux Kernel Programming

  • Introduction to Linux Kernel
  • Linux OS VS Linux Kernel
  • Kernel Sources
  • Configuring and Building Kernel
  • Kernel Modules
  • Module Concepts
  • Module Tools
  • Module Parameters
  • Module stacking
  • Timing issues in the Kernel
  • Concurrence in the Kernel

Project on Linux Kernel Programming

Linux Device Drivers

  • Character Drivers
  • Understanding Hardware
  • Memory, I/O and Interrupts
  • Advanced Character drivers
  • ProcFS, Sysfs and Linux Driver Model
  • Serial Driver
  • PCI Bus
  • Network Drivers
  • Audio Drivers
  • Video Drivers
  • USB Drivers
  • Block Drivers
  • Debugging Device Drivers
  • Linux in Embedded Systems

Project on Linux Driver Programming


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